Pirogov National Research Medical University (RNRMU)

Pirogov National Research Medical University (RNRMU)

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University is one of the oldest medical higher educational establishments in Russia and is well known all over the world. In 2016 the university celebrated its 110th anniversary.

The University was founded in 1906. Since its foundation RNRMU named after N.I. Pirogov has been a leader in developing medical science and medical education. Today, at the beginning of the third millennium, the University is a large medical, scientific, research and educational center, noted for its extensive clinical and laboratory base and a brilliant teaching staff. This staff has a unique pedagogical experience in training students and postgraduates from all over the world and is always happy to pass on their knowledge and skills. The university staff includes about 2,000 professors, including 500 Doctors of Science and 900 PhDs.

More than 7,500 Russian and international students study at 9 faculties if the university.

RNRMU is one of the leading research medical centers in Russia. Scientific-practical base of the university includes 32 research and education centers, 4 research institutes, 2 clinical research centers and allows carrying out fundamental and applied research in the field of medicine and biomedicine, pre-clinical and clinical approbation of new developments.

International cooperation has always been and still remains the top priority if RNRMU. The university’s main goal is to integrate into the international scientific and educational sphere and ensure the quality of education in accordance with international standards.

The university has broad international contacts in the field of education, medical science, health care and economic activities. The diploma of RNRMU named after N.I. Pirogov is recognized by many countries all over the world.

RNRMU takes part in Erasmus+ programs. Erasmus+ is the European Union program aimed at supporting cooperation in the field of higher education, professional training, youth and sport.

The specialization of the faculty for foreign students is General Medicine The duration of the full course of studies is 6 years. In the course of the first 3 years students are trained in English. The last 3 years presuppose partial training in English.

Over 3,000 specialists for more than 70 world states graduated from the faculty for foreign students.

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